1. (noun) the shaft of the p-n-s
2. (verb) when a man exposes just the shaft of his p-n-s but keeps his head and b-lls covered.
paul kept d-cknecking me last night at the party.
an old person who covers their neck to hide their age.
hey nardine did you see the size of debs collar?
yeah vick she’s a d-ckneck.
a form of man cleavage. the wearing of low rise jeans in order to expose the base of the p-n-s. the male response to females wearing low cut tops.
hey broseph, your d-ck neck’s really been turning heads tonight.” “suzie, did you see tommie tonight? he sure is showing a lot of d-ck neck… i’m practically running down my leg!
a word/phrase used to insult or taunt somebody because their neck resembles a d-ck or they have a birthmark/scar on thier neck that looks like a d-ck. variants of the phrase are ‘c-ck throat’, ‘adam’s d-ck’ , ‘p-n-s esophagus’.
person 1: haha you look stupid
person 2: oh yea? well you’ve got a d-ck neck!
everybody: lololol!! hahahaha
1. terminology used to describe a bad poker player
2. description of a person who’s neck resembles a d-ck
3. a real -sshole
“jesus t-t this guy plays like a d-ckneck!”
“what a d-ckneck move!”
a serious and potentially painful condition which the neck becomes ridgid and stiff from blowing me too much
sha-ney-ney told me she woke up with a wicked case of d-ckneck from blowing me too much.
p-n-s cleavage – or showing everything of your p-n-s but the head. also known as the shaft.
hey that guys pants are so low i can see his d-ckneck.
putting a d-ck on someone’s neck!

“you just got d-ck necked”

“your a d-ckneck”
you just got d-cknecked mate

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