the d-cko. a large male with long hair who enjoys online gaming. usually found near pc’s or geek gatherings.
there was a large pile of rubbish, body odour and… was that excrement? where the d-cko had been.
a certain moment dedicated to a certain person
that was a d-cko
a slick, attractive intellectual who amuses women with witty banter
look at that d-cko over there at the bar; i wish i could be as cool and popular as him.
another term for ‘d-ckhead’.
matt is such a d-cko!! a few weeks ago he said he’d have s-x with me, and now he won’t even talk to me!!!”
ian ‘d-cko’ d-ckinson is a legend! i think hes sooo cute and i love his new haircut

go the d-cko
-thats bl–dy b-ll-cks
-shed a few pounds or change ur dress
something that goes horribly wrong but is usually made up for much later on and can go as long as 9 months without succeeding, often succeeds in the welsh border cities of chester and wrexham and can be called upon as a last resort
that meal was a d-cko of a meal
the meal may have been bad but the desert was good for example.

he had a d-cko of a game
made a few stupid misses but got there in the end.
a young individual often known to nod his head to such singers as 50 (fitdy) cent, ja rule and the f-a-b-o. he can be spotted wearing st cath’s spray jackets, and missing inside – all in feeble attempt to up his street cred. rolls with hirohito and was largely involved in the “bay of pigs” invasion in an attempt to “get on this tv momma” with fidel.
i know i’m going to have 20-10 tonight, cos i’m playing on d-cko.

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