used by people in place of ridiculous

(mostly people who are d-ckstracted])
you are being completely d-ckrigulous right now!

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  • dickstriction

    when a man witholds giving s-x to his partner i’m putting vicky on d-ckstriction cause she has just been getting too much d-ck lately!

  • dickswap

    the swapping and reattatching of p-n-ses amongst a group of friends this one time, my friends and i got really drunk and played a game of d-ckswap (the surgical art of swapping d-cks).

  • Ceppa

    it is the tip of the c-ck, in roman slang. it is used in a particular expression: “na ceppa de cazzo” that literally means: “a tip of c-ck” but it is generally used to say: “no way” and like every italian expression, it has a proper move that gives it more sense, and it is […]

  • dick texting

    when a guy you have no type of s-xual relationship with sends you a text at an extremely late (or early) hour wanting some sort of s-xual favor – similar to sleep texting, but with their d-ck. friend1: so “bob” was d-ck texting me last night :/ friend 2: no wayyy! what did he say? […]

  • steddum

    a person, usually of the male gender, who is unsure or ashamed of a character trait, that over-compensates by projecting an image opposite of that character, usually in a rude, offensive manner. a person, usually of the male gender, who acts like a d-ck. that queer went steddum on his boyfriend and called him a […]

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