dictionary without the “y”
yo tim, grab the dictionar we ’bout to look up these words

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  • anashea

    a person who is always up to party, she’s fun to be around and she is very beautiful anyone would want to marry her. i want me an anashea

  • t*rd grid

    mapping out a city’s bathrooms to do poos in. you’re visiting new york? i hope you packed your t-rd grid, a good bathroom is hard to come by in that city!

  • get your elbow hot

    urging one to get back on task and or work harder. do (pr-nounced dough), get your elbow hot!

  • hckin nerd

    1) an individual who is smart, yet has a witty sense of humor that others may not get. 2) someone who is not considered “popular” among others in the same age group due to their intelligence being higher than the others. “no wonder he doesn’t fit in. he’s a h*ckin nerd”

  • shucksydoodles

    southern speak for d-mn it “can i go to the movies dad?” “no!” “aw shucksydoodles!”

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