orto synonym, to insult someone by the powers that divine force grants you.
they want to f-ck your big didix

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  • Forkstabbed

    it’s what you get when you run your mouth in front of psychopaths. made famous in “it’s always sunny in philadelphia”. liam mcpoyle: “that’s what you get, charlie! you get forkstabbed!”

  • Masiel

    in hebrew means she who comes down from the stars. origins spanish masiel a respelling of the phrase “mas cielo” which is a spanish phrase meaning “more sky” or “more heaven

  • marleypin

    a marleypin is a slang term that refers to the p-n-s (pin) being inside the woman’s v-g-n- (marley): marelypin. oh man, i can’t wait to marleypin sue tonight.

  • Fifther

    a woman or man that you would only sleep with after consuming a fifth of your favorite liquor. d-mn dude, i’m pretty hard up. i’d even settle for a fifther about now.

  • Pecker Tracker

    a p-ck-r tracker is a pager, cell phone, or any other device to track a man or his p-ck-r. (p-ck-r meaning p-n-s) my wife got a hold of me on my p-ck-r tracker when i was out getting smashed for my cousin’s 21st birthday.

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