scary, freaky, fun, crazy, pretty, crazed as monkey looking for its bannanas even though it just has to look down, never leaving the earth, haunting as long as possible, murderer. little girl stalker.

young lady
diellia is coming for you!

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  • re-status

    posting another friends status or post as your own on facebook. jon’s gonna re-status mike’s hilarious post about the philadelphia eagles.

  • retidiotard

    n. a situation or person who is “r-t-rded” with a little bit of idiot thrown in for good measure. “you are a retidiot” “you’re halfway done…” “what? oh, you’re a retidiotard! there you go. idiot.”

  • Reubenesque

    one who has eaten too many reubens and shows it with their gut that chris farley was one reubenesque guy deceptive term used in personals by females, usually meaning “fat”. fat face. she has a reubenesque face.

  • difelcopper

    to eat or drink frozen liquids that have been urinated on by a female goat that difelcopper was gross

  • Digi-hoe

    someone who is attached to these social network sites like it’s their f-ckin umbilical cord. they have a ton of “freinds” on their pages they’ve never met or talked to. they put r-t-rded posts up from their phone. they join groups like “fist pumping” or “jersey sh-r-” and generally make you want to restart the […]

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