a large collection of diggle (sick wiggle) videos.
don’s laptop has the largest digglepedia.

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  • dittob*tch

    a copy cat, hype man, or someone that repeats what was just said to be an obnoxious little b-tch. did i hear an echo or are you just being a dittob-tch?

  • doorbox

    there aren’t any definitions for doorbox yet. can you define it?

  • duiers

    individuals well versed in the criminal charge of dui through the process of being prosecuted for dui. often through reoccurring charges of dui these individuals have become nearly self taught experts and advisors on the subjects of and not necessary limited to; avoidance of the dui, avoidance of the roadblock, drinking and driving through a […]

  • eye sh*t

    the mucus discharge that acc-mulates in the corners of one’s eyes. colloquial for eye discharge, rheum, sleep, or ‘sleep in eyes’. sherry’s got a lot of eye sh-t after waking up ; she had to wipe it off with her fingers.

  • f*gginoob

    a derogatory terms used offensively to call out ones f-ggot, and or noob-like behavior. stfu! you c-ck jockey f-gginoob.

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