slang for cool, awesome, boss, pro, wicked, rad, gnarly, nasty, crazy, sweet, etc…

the oppistie of -n-log.
last night was digital dude…
that’d be digital if you could hook me up.

women’s rights…? that’s such an -n-log subject!
(adj.) describes any kind of information that is stored as a sequence of bits rather than as the kind of information stored without sharp differences like a flow of sound on tape or ink on paper, which are examples of -n-log record. the -n-log information is susceptible to noise, aging and corruption during copying much more than the digital media.
the word digital comes from latin digitus = finger, which refers to the bit yes/no structure of the information – the finger is either up or down.
one who is digital is not -n-log, quick thinking and on point with everything around them. digital is also known as eli.
spit that digital sh-t. yo you be on that digital sh-t. come on man get digital, step your game up.
to get completely spun on drugs.
yo man are you digital yet, no it will probably hit me in a 1/2 hour.

keep it digital
also known as digital s-x. like oral s-x it is not done by mouth, but digital s-x is done by using your hands or fingers either to finger of give a hand job to her/him.
i had great digital s-x last night with my boyfriend. it was awesome. i came three times….
also know as a digital, someone who spends hours jacked in to the internet and or video game console. they would rather do the digital verson of somthing rather than do the real thing.
andrew wanna go paintball with us? we will pay for you.
naw!!! im teh uber digital! i would rather play digital paint ball cause i am teh scured of teh real thing id rather just be digital
the biggest barn who i am a hull to.
hmmm i’m thirsty…digital “i’ll get you a drink! want me to do your laundry while i’m up?”

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