(also known as netspeak, internet slang)
how to sound like an idiot. digitalk is used by people who try to sound cool using internet slang words in everyday speech, such as spoken hashtags, bae, lol etc which actually just makes them sound stupid.
digitalk is sneaking into our everyday speech and even in formal contexts too, like omg, can’t even. it’s a legit problem (you see?)

omg guess what, i didn’t even put any makeup on today but, like, my friend just gave me a compliment #blessed
1. to talk sh-t on the internet.
2. talking smack via a computer or other electronic device.
don’t digitalk me, bro.
yo, don’t be digitalkin’ me.

he is such a digitalker.
this word is a combination of the words digital and talk. the word is meant to connote conversations, or talk, that are happening online, in the digital world, about a particular topic, issue, person or event.
did you hear all the digitalk happening about the zhang ziyi photos online?

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