dikes protect the crops and plants when it rains, the rain that fall but is rejected by the dike the water will go to a pit or a hole to where it creates a puddle and they will eventually use that water.
the sumerians built dikes to protect their crop and plants.
an idiot who can’t spell dyk-.
half the previous contributors on this subject are stupid “dikes”.
1: a m-ssive wall used to hold back water, such as those used in holland to reclaim farmland.
2: an igneous intrusion cutting through layers of older rocks.
3: alternate spelling of ‘dyk-‘, referring to a woman whose s-xual preference is exclusively other women. see also ‘lesbian’.
‘i learned about the dikes they use in the netherlands to keep the ocean from making a seafloor out of their farmlands.’
misspelling of the word dyk-. a woman who’s s-xual orientation is focused on the same gender.
“no i won’t go out with you, i’m a dike!”
“mrs. jennings is such a dike!”
a wire cutter (d-y-k-e is a lesbian)
use a pair of dikes on that cable
a slang term for a pair of diagonal side cutters.
electrician: i can’t find my dikes anywhere, but i found my strippers.
in electronics, short for diagonal cutters. used, though, for any small wire-cutting and metal snipping tool. also, used as a transitive verb for removing something by cutting it out. may also be spelled dyk-.
hand me the dikes, i need to dike out this pot.
1. wire cutters
2. a lesbian couple
1. cut that wire with those “dikes”

2. look at those “dikes” kissing

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