man or woman, with two d-cks
yo u no bob sacamano is a dikloid?

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  • iddi

    i didn’t do it. “our website is down!!” “iddi, ask steve”

  • Idaho Special

    the act of f-cking a hot pocket of your choice, then proceeding to f-ck, c-m in, and finally consume the pocket. “d-mn i made the best idaho special of my life today”

  • jebbing

    taking a dump rec was jebbing at his office.

  • like herding ferrets

    as ferrets can be rather excitable and jumpy, trying to herd them (or get them under control) becomes a next to impossible task as they dart this way and that. oh my god, trying to organise a night out with that lot is like herding ferrets.

  • Jebbordiadadahd

    a flying bird, that usually mimicks the sound of a jew in an oven. the jebbordiadadahd like the jew, screams when you put it in the oven.

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