the perfect science of being a complete and total tool…
what the f-ck is this d-ld-metry?!? what the h-ll are you idiots doing?!? jesus f-cking christ!

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  • motorbeard

    the insertion of a person’s face into a man’s beard followed by a back and forth motion. may also be accompanied by the standard motorboat sound. man, we were just sitting there and suddenly she jammed her face in my beard and started making motorboat sounds. dude, you totally got motorbearded!

  • Divine Ass

    an -ss so big that moses himself, could not even part those cheaks channele had such a divine -ss it is a wonder how she is able to walk.

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    an ailment of unknown origin considered to be ‘virtually’ viral that can affect wide cross-sections of any population predominantly with internet capability. however, more seriously infecting those most susceptible i.e. those who: are -n-l retentive; have no other life; have too much time on their hands; are infirm; are agoraphobes; possess other such vulnerabilites. the […]

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