a dillderbanger just some -sshole.
well, lets see, for example, youre one

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  • dirty b

    inserting the p-n-s into ones belly b-tton. me:where were you last night? you:giving rachel a dirty b! me:sweet

  • licking oranges

    a secret word used by girls to say a guy is “looking gorgeous.” this term originated when i told one of my friends that a guy i work with was looking gorgeous and she misunderstood me and thought i said “licking oranges” ” that guy over there is licking oranges!” johnny depp is licking oranges!

  • Life orgasm

    when you think of an idea (usually when high) that brings extreme joy and pleasure, but only lasts as long as you can keep it. -after blunt ross: yeah dog that blunt was tight, so what are we doin’ tomorrow? matt: ohhh eahah…. dude! i just remembered we were snowboarding tomorrow! totally just had a […]

  • lip juice

    n.-the sperm -j-c-l-t-d into lips. i love lip juice…mmmmmmm lip juice

  • hte

    a hip and cool way to type the word “the” on an instant messaging program or blog. ed and joe were trying to outdo one another with witty banter on sally’s blog when sally finally declared ed “hte winner.” hard to explain good for online chat mrv9292:what does that mean? someoneelse:hte hte stands for heart […]

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