a very big and r-t-rded animal. commomly defined to be the tryanasour-ssss rexermerex. it has the largest c-ck in the animal kingdom weighing over 3 tons, and over 2 bussus long. it has the ability to p–p ice cream vans, and has 2 usb jacks in the front of its brian, and in its left t-st-cl-. this means you can upload information to its brain if you so wish but you will probably get f-ckingf-cked. it is also known as the greatest lover in the animal kingdom. it can f-ck your branis out. this is their greatest defense mechinisim against large predator. they also starred in the movie: tron: the uprising, but have very recently been excinct by chuck norris. rip dinasour. (protecter of joshs hat)
badger: hey, that dinasour killed payton!

caden: d-mnnn girlll

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