the best place to be.
“yo, let’s go to the diner tonight.”
evil, greek-owned establishment that employs anybody they can get, which usually means b-ms, crazy people, drug addicts, thieves, typical trash, etc. the occasional sad college student who just isn’t prepared to be tossed into this frightening underworld of malakas. (greek for -sshole/jerkoff) bosses are always mean and/or demanding and/or unreasonable and/or borderline abusive. tip your diner waiter/waitress very well; they aren’t paid nearly enough to do this job, and it’s ten times harder than any applebees or outback.
waitress 1: where do you work?
waitress 2: the lake grove diner…
waitress 1: oh…oh. i am so sorry.
waitress 2: not as sorry as i am…
a prefabricated eating establishment noted for its long, thin floor plan, booth seating, and long counter top bar. while typically serving typical “american cuisine,” such as burgers, coffee, and pancakes, diner menus may list items that reflect the region in which the diner conducts business, or the individuals that own it (such as greeks).
the painting “nighthawks” by edward hopper depicts a mid-century, downtown diner.

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