ding dong

a city in texas:

ding dong, texas
g: i live in ding dong
d: f-g…
the penal area of a man’s genitalia
ohhh you touch my tralala, hmmm my ding ding dong….

-gunther and the sunshine girls
a more proper way of telling someone they are a complete f-cking idiot. commonly said with a short rap on one’s own head for emphasis.

used in situations where sayign the words “complete f-cking idiot” may get you in trouble, such as school.
that screen door was closed and you walked right through it, you ding-dong!
a p-n-s, usually quite tiny.
his dingdong was tiny, it made me giggle.
the sound a doorbell makes.
the shiny doorbell went ding-dong.
idiot or p-n-s

a silly word used to instigate fights.
“you’re a f-cking ding-dong”


“suck my ding-dong, please”
1. the sound a door bell makes when somone rings it.

2. an idiot or moron
1. i heard a ding dong, so i answered the door, and a pizza delivery man shoved a square box in my face, which broke my nose in 67 places.

2. john is a ding dong.

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