a big jucie c-ck in your nice mouth
for s-xual -rg-sms of a dinglefloper

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  • lady kebab

    euphemism for a particularly prominent set of ladies genitals. see where the legs begin. come with added sauce approximately every 28 days. i had a great night. met a gorgeous girl and a gallon of cider later i was in a motel munching on her lady kebab. much better than the usual late night donna […]

  • renma

    a pretty girl with a good heart she is funny,lit,cool,hot,and sometimes she is crazy oh!!renma she was slaying last night

  • sambaddock

    an insult to calm a sam, generally to refer to them in a negative way. synonym to “sh-t c-nt” oii, sam don’t be a sambaddock and come for drinks.

  • polana

    d-ck in uzbekinstanezoniannen vrei niste polana? = i’m 100% n-gg-!

  • trumpsauce

    fake tan so thick the wearer looks like a wrinkly orange prune dude, did you see that hag back there? she was wearing like 15 layers of trumpsauce!

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