the name scuttle from the little mermaid gave a fork
i am the little mermaid, i think i’ll comb my hair with my dinglehopper
a fork. best described on the disney movie the little mermaid.
this here dingle hopper is for eatin’.
a fork
i am using a dinglehopper to get this pea ball
a fork used as a hair brush
hey that’s not for eating, that’s a dingle hopper, it’s for brushing your hair.
the name that bird from the mermaid movie gave a fork, which he then shoved up his -ss.
man, ariel is so f-cking hot. if i were a cartoon, i would have jumped her when she walked out of the ocean naked, and i would have inserted my dinglehopper into her snorfblatt, if you know what i mean.
the fork ariel used in the little mermaid. as in this world we call it knick knacks or junk/trash
look ariel this right here is a dinglehopper
someone who hop’s from dingle berry to dingle berry
dani is a dingle hopper

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