a term for banning dumb-ss anons
after a while, we finally dingno’ed the op

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  • Dinochick

    girl that likes geology, climbing, camping, rocks, and the related a little too much think obsessive. usually nerdy, outdoorsy type, not usually the outdoorsy pot-smoking type (aka hippie). she’s a total dinochick

  • Faganero

    a spicy h-m-s-xual. usually of the latin persuasion. “did you see that latino guy? he was such a f-ganero”

  • Wagon Painting

    the act of humming ‘i was born under a wandering star’ while performing oral s-x. my ex used to spice up f-ll-t– by wagon painting and now i can’t look at lee marvin in the same way.

  • big fives

    variation of high five; used to wish a dude or a bro, good luck or success “big fives to ya on your concert tomorrow night, bro’!”

  • big kloppy shoes

    obnoxiously loud “notice me” footwear worn mostly by obnoxious women of northeast u.s.,possibly originated from dps or european immigrants,usually worn on “special occasions”. similar to horse shoes. i hear them marching up the street in their big kloppy shoes.

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