a loser, lives with mom, can’t work, mooch, uses people for everything.
he is such a dipthoid, every time i run into him all he wants is for me to buy him a beer!

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  • sausage beard

    p-b-s hey, wanna see my sausage beard?

  • breaking my feed

    when someone or something has been posted multiple times by various people. thus, taking over the viewers timeline. dude what is up with this guy in a shark suit breaking my feed today!??!

  • chazzling

    the act of smoking a vaporizer. stems from the root word chazzle, which is the sound a vaporizer makes. i saw little dave chazzling the other day.

  • billyಠ_ಠ

    the person sitting across from me personone: who is that person sitting across from me persononesvoiceinsidehishead: that there human person is billyಠ_ಠ

  • hocking and bocking

    coughing so much that you almost / are sick person 1 ” you ok ?” person 2 ” nah man, i was so ill i was hocking and bocking everywhere”

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