your stomach stick out farther than you d-ck do. see d-ck do
i got a bad case of diquedoo

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  • DirtFart

    (n., from latin, dirtus fartus) a wet fart that soaks cloth, causes horrible rectal itch/burn and occurs when one is not at home and has no means or opportunity to clean up/change trunks. after john’s dirtfart incident at his mother-in-laws funeral, the family began to rethink his role as a pallbearer.

  • dirtise

    diarising all the dirty jobs that need to be done don’t just prioritise – dirtise!

  • dirt squid

    a germ that lives in septic lines and live soley on the consumption of feses aaron voss you are a dirt squid

  • Dirty Eagle

    an alcoholic drink created in 2011, it is named after its creator “the dirty eagle”. it is created by mixing 30% vodka, 35% cranberry juice, and 35% mountain dew. resulting in a crisp refreshing drink that is sure to wow any boozer. no need to drink responsibly. “i had 4 dirty eagles last night and […]

  • dirty elbow syndrome

    a condition in which the skin on a person’s elbows appear much darker than the rest of their arms, thus looking dirty person 1: hey dude, what’s all over your elbows? were you crawling through some dirt? person 2: no man, i just have dirty elbow syndrome, they just look dirty

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