Disc Golfing

the act of masturbating to dvd p-rn that you have seen a hundred times because your internet connection is down.
“dude, what are you doing later?” “well since my dsl line is with at&t and there aren’t any good milfy girls here at the club tonight, it looks like i will just go disc golfing.”

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  • disco golf

    something that is very dumb that no one in their right mind would want to do. person a: hey! let’s go play some kickball! person b: that’s so disco golf. a word used to express how much davey’s girlfriend hates something. my chemical romance is disco golf

  • disgastrous

    a word to describe gas that is smells so bad, its disastrous person 1: dude, i just ripped a fat one. it’s disgastrous. person 2: ewwww, they can probably smell that in china, man

  • Disorienteated

    having br–sts that are uneven, lopsided, or otherwise not symmetrical. hey, one of her b–bs is bigger than the other. i guess you could say she’s ‘disorienteated!’

  • Disrespectful Cookster

    a small primate who when in an angry state, is known to throw bananas and other -ssorted fruits at its antagonizer. oh my god! that disrespectful cookster just threw a banana right into my eye, and now i’m blind!!

  • Disslacksic

    not knowing which way to put on your pants. having your pants on wrong. that guy over there has his pants on backwards, he must be disslacksic.

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