forgetting that you are a physical being and how your ideas and decisions effect (or don’t effect) literally anything everything in and around you, rather just a void peering through observing life
i often don’t recognise my face as my own due to my disconnectualism with myself/life

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  • spechial

    when you are level 9 *unique* and both physically and mentally *different*. you can be spechial when you’re just too handicappé for this world. *verduda has a leg spasm and falls over* – “oh verduda you’re so spechial!”

  • e whelmed

    so overwhelmed with incoming email/texts/messages that you are unable to form any responses… even to the simplest of queries. she was so e-whelmed that when her mother texted “what would you like for dinner?” she sat paralysed, non-responsive, and mentally vacant.

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