1. to improperly use a word (v.); 2. to refer to something as something that it is not (v.); 3. the false attribution of a definition to a word (n.).
-isn’t it ironic how we both ended up wearing a blue striped shirt to work today?

-no, it’s coincidental. way to discrempelate.

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  • Disels

    short for “d-ck sucking lips”. that chick has got some disels on her

  • Felinatio

    what a male cat is cleaning itself vigorusly in the groin area. usually in front of compay in the middle of a room full of awkwardly silent guests. milan, could you please stop jamal from performing felinatio in front of our guests?

  • jkso

    “just kidding sort of” when you’re only half kidding about something. i’d totally love to do your sister…jkso.


    s-xually hot your b-lls and p-n-s are eargamic s-xually hot your b-lls and p-n-s are eargamic

  • digeridoo

    long tubular instrument played by ancient cultures. tradionally blacks. a slang term for blacks. similar to n-gg-r, or monday, however more discrete in vulgarity to black people. f-ck that smelly, dirty, worthless, unemployed, greedy, needy digeridoo. f-ckin digeridoo playing gorilla.

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