1) the loss of ability to do cognitive thinking. likely the product of common core or other dumbed down educational scholastic education. more inclined to believe a dogma than to allow that dogma to be tested by reason.

2) refusing to entertain the discussion of opposing views. refusing to look at the facts of the real results of an action/reaction in favor of an emotional position.

unlike the age of enlightenment or age of reason where in 1715 – the age of enlightenment gave us… “… a range of ideas centered on reason as the primary source of authority and legitimacy, and came to advance ideals such as liberty, progress, tolerance, fraternity, const-tutional government, and separation of church and state.” ( lifted from wikipedia ) now we have an “age of dis-enlightenment” where the dogma of the (insert ideologue here) is more important than facts or actual scientific evidence of the effects from some idea/program/political party position.
colin kapernick’s actions, that have caused viewership of the nfl, to take a dramatic hit via his political “protest” by taking a knee, have gone on to a new level of disenlightenment by now praising the late fidel castro as a good leader.

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