someone who often disagrees with you but who has your best interests at heart. always rejects violence so cannot be called a terrorist or an anarchist. generally dies young or never leaves the house (see house arrest).
syntactically – dissident (which is a noun) has no -ssociated verb stem. you cannot ‘dissid’. you can do nothing dissidently – there is no -ssociated adjective. in fact the word exists alone as an island in a sea of semantics. perhaps this is why the meaning of the word has persisted unchanged for such a long time.
i’m gonna diss that dissident.
dissident republican (true republican)
one who is not going to sell-out
to the pro british gfa.
the provos have sold out, de valera style….. at least the continuity ira (dissidents) are still fighting for a united 32 county republic.

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