Distraction Word

when you are looking up a word on urbandictionary.com and you see another word that interests you and you loose track of what you were looking at in the first place.
example distraction words; cullen angry dragon alaskan pipeline tea bag bombing the t-tanic tony danza or any other words you come across on the urbandictionary website.

Read Also:

  • f*ckwich

    1. simply a deregatory name to call your dumb-ss friend when he does something r-t-rded. or 2. m-m-f threesome. 1. “nice going, f-ckwich”. 2. “i wanna make a f-ckwich out of xxxx and xxxx”. 1)being stuck in the middle of two bad things, or 2)having two bad things happen in a row. man i {in […]

  • lé goose

    when someone is all cute and silly luke “ou est lé goose?” megan “les honk”

  • dita

    from “who’s that chick” song with david guetta featuring rhianna. “dita” being another word for “diva.” she’s being a crazy dita, disco diva, and you wonder, who’s that chick? a cute little white rabbit my little dita likes to play in the backyard. dit-uhm (noun) it is the pr-nunciation of the acronym d.i.t.m. which stands […]

  • lej

    netslang contraction of legend or legendary mostyn is such a lej. short form for being a legend. can also be used in conjunction with f-cking mike you fckn lej deej your a fckn lej rah you fckn lej there’s a man on a lej! you see anastasia ashley’s instagram post? sh-t was lej

  • food simulator

    cafeteria, chow hall buffet food service. “anyone hungry enough to come with me to the food simulator for lunch”? cafeteria food that’s not so imaginitave, and/or is lackl-ster. also refered to as ‘the sim’ or ‘bacteria’ (cafeteria) i’m going down to the food-simulator to chow down because i didn’t pack a lunch today.

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