really cute and s-xy person.
d-mn you is lookin mighty diti today

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  • DJ Mark

    a great dj who runs mixx94.1 and mixxnet. anyone who thinks he is an “-sshole” can’t mix worth a sh-t. armin van buren hangs out at mixxnet with dj mark.

  • hecunt

    defined as a transs-xual or h-m-s-xual male’s -n-s. can also be used to call out a heteros-xual male as an insult, insinuating that he is “wimpy” or inferior to yourself or the rest of the crowd. “man, that tranny has one nice and tight hec-nt!” bob always takes flack from the boss for no reason. […]

  • do an Alan

    to convince everyone that your work is far more complex and time consuming than it really is and then get undesirable work dumped on coworkers. i’m going to do an alan so i can slack off.

  • Tsvok

    a fat boy who has no friends and gets rejected if he asks out girls too bad tsvok, she said no.

  • drawn

    f-cked up, messed up , not good, dawg y ya gotta be actin all drawn a person is drawn when they are telling you to do something that you don’t want to do. mr. schecter, why you be drawn? fake; a person that acts one way, but is really another. usually said to a person […]

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