Diving Into The Red Sea

when you go down on a girl whos having her period
you sick f-ck.
to perform cunnilinctus on a menstruating woman.
bernadette was very happy: her new boyfriend had promised to go diving into the red sea once eastenders had finished.
an act completed to earn your “red wings”.
eating a girl out during her period. or to perform c-nn-l-ng-s during the end of the monthly menstrual cycle when menstrual flow is present.
having sloppy blood=filled oral s-x with a girl on the rag. high-five!
man, your girl is being a b-tch today! is she on the rag?
-f-ck yeah, but i get to dive into the red sea later!
-high five!
when someone (usually a male) has s-x with a (usually a female) while she’s on her period.
johnny: hey s-xy, you ready for me?
suzy:no way..-whispers- it’s that time of the month)
johnny: don’t worry, i’ll ‘dive right into that red sea.’
diving into the red sea would be giving a women “oral” pleasures while she is “riding the cotton pony”.
she’s riding the cotton pony tonight so i’ll be diving into the red sea.

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