there aren’t any definitions for divith yet.

can you define it?

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  • scat mellish

    the true definition of a pole smoking queer. often in denial trying to prove he is into women when he is clearly not. it is pretty obvious he l-sts for c-ck. the very thought of female anatomy grosses him out. the other day we saw scat mellish out in public, he’s so far in the […]

  • weyg

    what else ya got? after he trash-talked and failed to beat me, i said, “weyg”?

  • gabryla

    this girl, d-mn, this girl. this girl is actually the best girl in the world. in every way she is just the best, she’s smart, she’s talented, she is f-cking hilarious, she is super sweet. and she got a nice -ss. but this girl makes me feel complete. whenever she meets someone or sees someone […]

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    acronym for the phrase “nothing in this world is permanent.” a subtly cruder with an underlying morbid way to ask uptight people to relax “given nitwip i don’t know why you are so upset about that bad haircut!” “i get it. pictures, videos, anything up on the internet is forver… unless all the servers and […]

  • hollising

    verb. to backdoor a friend and or buddy in hopes of stealing his girl. also the act of dismissing already called dibs. man… my boys girls is so hot. when he goes to the bathroom imma get to hollising her and try to get her number.

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