for not sharing to much on a subject
i would not like to divulge any more information about them at this point in time.

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  • sashley

    a ship name of two mother f-ckers. the boy doesnt like the girl anymore but the girl still believes that he likes her. it is sure they will break up soon, never infinity. i dont give a d-mn sh-t about sashley

  • baguns

    a term of endearment synonyms: bae, babe, honey pie, cupcake, sweetheart baguns, did you turn the coffee pot on? baguns i couldn’t imagine my life without you

  • papal visit

    when your gynecologist makes the sign of the cross inside your v-g-n- when giving you a pap smear. dr. cunningham is never too busy to give me a papal visit during my appointment.

  • nonah

    nonahs are usually very sarcastic, friendly and angry . they always have straight faces and tend to be very antisocial..not many people like nonahs but some people chose to. ew look there’s a nonah

  • Nephtali

    a socially awkward, talkative, popular guy who has rock hard abs. he is a chick magnet in every way! girl: omg look it’s nephtali! other girl: i so want to date him!!

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