originally: traditional african drum
really cool pr-nunciation (jim-bay) allows for usage in almost any situation.
other forms:
n – djembeity

v – to djembe (past – “djembe’d”)
can mean any number of things. primarily “to be owned” or “to be pwned”

adj – djembeic

“dude did you see the djembeity of those threads?”

“–did you see that dis?”
“- yea, he got djembe’d!”
a type of drum. used more frequently as a verb meaning “to accomplish, defeat, or subdue beyond all contention or protest.” related forms include djembeic (adjective), djembeity (noun), djembe’d (past tense verb), and djembeically (adverb).
“the first dangerous law states that you must djembe that piece.”
“did you hear what he just said to you? man, you just got djembe’d.”
a man’s br–sts
ehh hes got m-ssive djembes

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