dlaun the boy who is cute funny and has a lot of friends.is someone who will stay loyal.wont tell lies,and is a good friend. and is someone who has a large p-n-s
act more like dlaun

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  • hopiral

    a term used to describe a hospital or medical office by people who aren’t intelligent enough to spell. the police shot lacey and she was sent to the hopiral.

  • mubaarakah

    a s-xy vixen that knows how to be a lady but thinks like a man mubaarakah don’t play, try her if you want

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    a very nice and handsom man. he always gives gifts and hugs everyone. he cares for very close freinds and he is the angle of the world. he never turns his back on you. he always cares no matter how bad the situation is. he is also very reliable. he will stand up for you, […]

  • raiyona

    cute, athletic, and sweet. have att-tude problems so don’t try her cause she will snap on you real quick. have your back when you need her. oh and really goofy and weird! she’s not strange she’s just being raiyona.

  • loletinlolaa

    stands for “laugh out loud even though i’m not laughing out loud at all” this is meant to be used in texts so that you aren’t lying when you say lol “loletinlolaa that was so funny”

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