a person with a big d-ck
d-mn doaner has a huge c-ck

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  • inemuri

    to be asleep while at work. strict rules apply to inemuri. these include who is allowed to do it – only those high up or low down in a company – and how you do it – remain upright to show you are still socially engaged in some way.

  • influentia season

    1. the months leading up to november in an election year. 2. the time starting one week before thanksgiving and lasting til christmas. influentia season has given me a headache with all the advertis-m-nts.

  • stamp out

    a variation of the word stamp. meaning to leave or disperse from an area tyson: hold up…is that ya mom’s car? trevor: ah sh-t. i’m p-ss curfew. tyson: yo, if she finna curk then i’m bout to stamp out.

  • doback

    someone who immitates a french canadian, also known as a quibexican. someone who only smokes beaster. doyle is such a doback, a real quibexican, he only smokes beaster shwagg, what a doback. originating from the movie stepbrothers, will ferrell refuses to call his step-father by his first name and instead refers to him as doback. […]

  • doigié

    tweakage of the french word for doag (dogé) “i can’t hold in this doigié much longer”

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