domestic rice

an american automobile that has been modified in the same cosmetic style as import vehicles, with a preference for appearance over performance. this includes:
– outlandish bodykits
– bright, gaudy paint
– altezza style tail lights
– questionable, false or illogical badging
– use of aesthetic parts from a superior vehicle (eg v6 mustang with mustang gt b-mpers)
– use of potential performance items for aesthetic reasons (hood scoops, cowl induction only glued to the top of the hood)
did you see that cavalier with the unpainted bodykit and the apc window sticker? that’s harsh domestic rice.
-adding a gt-r emblem to a gt mustang. the owners think it’s cool, but little do they know, that gt-r belongs to nissans.
billy bob has a gt-r mustang. it’s one of a kind!!!
an american car with wal-mart performance and stereo equipment, driven by trailer trash and teenage girls
wow look at that cava-queer with walmart hubs.
an import wannabe, rice burner coffee can drivein poor excuse for a good piece of american metal.
“domestic rice and import rice is the same sh-t just a different pile”
a term for a american brand car that has been modified with parts that have no relavance to upgrading the performance of the car.
look at that f-ck-ng domestic rice mobile cavalier, what does he think he’s driving? a civic?
american cars that have been riced with huge stickers, neons, and j-panese parts such as a gt-r badge, vtec stickers, mugen, apc, etc.
an orange v6 mustang with huge 20″ ‘nos’ stickers on the doors, vtec banner across the windshield, cheap intercooler with no turbo and the owner claims it has so much hp that it will beat any import
slang for asian-americans who speak english without an accent and who probably grew up in north america.
she’s (or he’s) a hot and sticky bowl of domestic rice =0p

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