death by f-ll-t–.
new orleans (ap) – a 23 year old new orleans man was found dead in his home after receiving what witnesses described as “some killer dome.” the coroner has ruled the cause of death a domicide.
the act of murdering your entire family and then taking your own life.
the postal worker, after a very stressful day went home, had some toast and then committed the most nefarious act of domicide on record in the city.
(derogetory) the act of get married. (compound; domestic, homicide)
ken and barbie’s wedding was the most beautiful act of domicide the toys had ever witnessed.
an individual with an extremely large head using said head to kill another individual.
yo. that dude with the juggernaut type head just head b-tted that dude to death. he committed a domicide.
the act of taking a bottle of alcohol to the dome (aka head).
man, did i black out after committing domicide on that bottle of goose last night!!
the m-ss killing of an entire “house”, or extended family.
holy sh-t, did she poison the wine everyone just drank? what a way to commit domicide.

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