a very small town near georgia and florida that has a lake attached to it. there’s only 3 redlights but prost-tutes are easy to find. in order to fit in, it helps if you cook meth, grow weed, or know the ingredients in crack cocaine. alcohol is the #1 legal selling product in donalsonville, and small businesses grow and then fail bc of all of the cheap b-st-rds in the city. average median income is whatever the welfare cap is this year. government owned, government ran. if you want to get out of the city, you can always take a trip to the lake, but be careful bc they did base movies like “wrong turn” and “jeepers creepers” here.
you: hey do you know any girls from donalsonville?
me: yeah but i don’t think they’ve been tested in a while.

meth sh-thole drugs

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