don’t hate the playa hate the game
aw yeah

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  • Gatsby Party

    noun: a house party where all the alcohol and/or other substances are supplied by the host free-of-charge. antonym: freeload party “hey dude, you want to hit up this party tonight? it should be sick.” “nah man, i don’t have any money for booze.” “no worries, it’s a gatsby party.” “then h-ll yeuh!”

  • Doninnit

    1. to exclaim of one’s personal interest in any comment made. 2. to explain that an activity has been completed and await confirmation in the form of appraisal. “i kicked his sorry b-tt, doninnit!” “we should make a crew called dem lot, doninnit!” verifying that you understand a statement that has been made. don #1: […]

  • donkey touch

    a derogatory football term based largely in the area of banbridge and loughbrickland in northern ireland, when someones first touch of a football is very poor, you must immediately turn and shout at them, that they have a donkey touch! paul: -miscontrols ball- david: f-ck sake paul that was such a donkey touch! paul: i […]

  • donkey weave

    ratchet, cheap 99 cent store weave you catch your black next door neighbor wearing. also can be decribed as a keri hilson weave tiesha sn-tched brit’s donkey weave because she stole her chicken.

  • Don-Tardo

    to do, look, or say something r-t-rded. that kid in the short school bus must be don-tardo.

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