donkeybird is dead now. horsemeat is here
horsemeat is here, donkeybird is not

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  • donkey's lesson

    when you rape someone to teach them a lesson. bob hasnt been the same since those kids down the street taught him a donkey’s lesson

  • donophan

    there is not a single person you’ll ever meet named donophan that is not in a top leadership position, or pending to occupy that position. they are the epitome of wisdom. he seems much older than he is. donophan is an amazing leader

  • Donstria

    amazing person who is a epichottie that loves making people laugh and always smiling very high temped and gets angry and mad easily and is loud and hates annoying people. donstria is a epichottie

  • Drop the Browns off at the Superbowl

    a football fan’s way of saying “i have to take a dump.” guy 1: “where are you going? it’s fourth down and inches!” guy 2: “sorry, but i really need to go drop the browns off at the superbowl.”

  • doo-doo shoot

    the doo-doo shoot consists of the lower part of your colon and your b-tt hole. its the trail your p–p goes down prior to exiting the b-tt hole. “my doctor reccomended colonic irrigation and then i wondered just how dirty my doo-doo shoot really is.”

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