a cross between a spiderman, and a donkeypunch…

so you’re having -n-l s-x. just before you c-m, you (the giver), punch the reciever in the back of the head. their -ss muscles tighten, increasing the sensation. c-m once inside, then quickly pull out and nut in your hand. the reciever will turn around, and as they do, slap them across the face with your man go, whilst screaming “go web, go!”. finally, adopt your finest superhero pose, and don’t move until you’re finished soaking up the glory
i donkeyman’d your mum!
donkeyman is a merchant navy term for a stoker on the old steam ships. i appreciate it’s not a tremendously humorous definition.
granddad, why did you become a ‘donkeyman’?

‘cos yer mam can’t cook, and i like the taste of coal.
someone who dates your daughter and takes the place over. he brings his sh-t over, including his m-ss defecating boxer and makes himself at home. need not worry my friend, in 3-4 years this vagrant of a boyfriend will be gone, off to lead a life of doing sopa operas and dancing at male strip clubs (such as “the cave”). donekeyman may resemble dolph lungren, but don’t let him fool you, he knows no fighting moves, as he will -ssault you with his prowess of pole dancing and “as the world turns” trivia
i went to cruise’s house yesterday and donkeyman was there with his boxer. he soon left, however, to his exotic dancing gig at retro 35621007.

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