1. lonely chinese jew
2. boy with intense pubic ‘fro
the donlee decided to get a brush to tame his crotch and aid in his quest for friendship.
an average person would never understand the true depth of his nature, very complex and mysterious but thats
what makes him attractive, he likes to walk on the dark side . he craves affection and someone that understands
him but rarely finds in in others because they don’t see past the mask he wears to hide his feelings and his
a very unique person that lives in his own thoughts. very good judge of character and loves unique and natural
women. he often fantasizes about his friend performing s & m on him. he secretly loves her but finds it hard to

confront her. his very charming and definitely knows how to sweep women off their feet but he always ends up
with the wrong women. he has george clooney looks with charm like james bond.
he loves licking melted chocolate off womens br–sts and like to walk around acting like a n-gg- from the bronx.
he’s very goofy and likes to flaunt his p-n-s by telling everyone he has a 12 inch p-n-s. his a loyal friend and his loved
by all especially bonita. his very sporty and enjoys listening to music especially hip hop and r & b.
a very captivating man with an addictive personality. life would be dull without him.
neighbour 1: “oh my, donlee is playing his guitar in the backyard nude, with a cigarette in his mouth”
neighbour 2: “move, let me see”

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