aye it’s your boy donny t here, and he always talk too low
dontel always talk low

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  • petola

    in italy, in the dialect of north east italy (veneto), it’s a term used to describe white girls that always gossip about others’ business and are usually very chatty chat and annoying. “omg stephanie, look at that girl over there. what the h-ll is she wearing?!” “omg luise, you’re such a petola”

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    to leave in utter and total surprise at how amazing you are wow! diane is so beautiful, i’m totally surmazed!

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    an -sshole who messes with you for fun just to get off on toying with your emotions. she just got the ole kevin newgard

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    oh dear ‘mate i have no bread to make toast’ ‘doordy’

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    he’s the man who is make his friend happy. he’s kind,helping each other,heartfull.. but at the same time he like to play with girls heart… when he’s start loving someone, he very cared about his girlfriend, he always get jealous… you can’t ever trusted he because he’s liar and sweet talker/. amzar: hey girl, i’m […]

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