dontez, is a african american name for a black boy who is misunderstood, crazy, shy , but very out going, the name dontez traces all the way back to 1975. dontez is also a name for a powerful, smart, gentleman, great since of humor and very romantic in bed! but be careful dontez breaks hearts because its been done to him! all though he is a gentleman he is insecure about himself and the way of his appearance! but if dontez really loves you he loves hard and will do anything to keep his soulmate around also the name dontez , can mean sensitive, crazy, over jealous, and bi.polar! dontez name means alot of crazy things, but if we can some it up in two i would put “worth it” and note to self dontez is also a fighter when he has to be dont under estimate him
he is so sensitive and so hood like , i wonder if his name is dontez

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