dooderc-ck also known as p–pd-ck is a way to explain a p-n-s after after -n-l intercourse.

basically a d-ck covered in sh-t or that smells like sh-t.

a nasty d-ck

a way to describe a person with a negative vibe.
don’t be a dooderc-ck n-body likes p–pd-ck.

yeah i got the dooderc-ck i’m uh go take a shower.

so i tried something different last night and ended up with dooderc-ck.

my boss was being a f-cking dooderc-ck tonight.

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  • loli p*ssy

    warm soft and just something you what to shove you’r penies in. man i just want to f*ck that loli p-ssy.

  • slippery devil

    when a man over lubes his d-ck, and repeatedly chants hail satan during s-x trace was such a slippery devil last night.

  • squirrelling your twert

    violent female m-st-rb-t-son with woodland creatures my v-g-n- really hurts after squirrelling your twert all weekend

  • pizza charcuterie board

    when you suck a mans p-n-s and your mouth gets stretch marks because of the girth of the p-n-s matt gave dani a pizza charcuterie board last night and her mouth was super sore.

  • rink beer

    it’s the sh-t beer you buy at the local rink when you go watch local hockey teams get trounced by teams from quebec. well, we’re losing again. better drown our sorrows with some rink beer.

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