dork ass

1) a person that is so stupid that you swear they have their head so far up their -ss they cant see daylight

2) someone ignorant to just about everything but star wars and ww2 model airplanes
1) “man, i have tried to explain how to turn the vcr on to mark for like ten d-mn minutes. what a freekin dork -ss”

2) “hey dork -ss, may the force be with you. so why dont you quit f-ck-n around with that d-mn model airplane and get me a soda….biotch!”
pr-nounced dork – -ss
a nicer way to say “dumb-ss”.

a mild term of endearment between friends.

an inside joke beteween my friend and i, as she is the one who invented it…in the car…while i was driving… between the years 2000 – 2001.
you are such a dork-ss!

i’m a dork-ss!

unique form of idiot, found only in the suburban jungles of america; see -ssmunch
dont be such a dork-ss!
one that scrogs wales in the -n-s
“hey look ted i’m harpooning w-lly!!…-doink”

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