an idiot or dork mostly said by people from oundle
ha ha look at will turner the local chav all doped up what a dorkinstien

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  • dos coast

    to coast (chill/do an activity) as a duo (dos=spanish version of the number two). person 1: yo garret, you wanna dos coast to express garret: nah i dont want to work out with u cause im a p-ssy.

  • double double felch

    to penetrate twice in the -sshole, then -j-c-l-t- into the -sshole, then use two swift sucks to retrieve all seminal fluid and -n-l discharge. not a move for novice felchers.

  • double-pump

    s-xual act in which a woman sits between to men and jacks them both off at the same time. that filthy sl-t gave johnnie and jason the double-pump in the back ot the limo. when something is f-cken awesome, excellent – something goes your way or goes to plan! “double pump” is said with one […]

  • douche bag tag

    that scruff of hair that self fancied hipsters grow under their bottom lip. did john grow a douche bag tag? noun: a method of identifying douchebags by their obnoxiously designed facial hair. britney spears should have know to stay away from paparrazo ex-boyfriend, adnan ghalib, because of the douchebag tag on his chin. that scruff […]

  • DoucheLander

    the ultimate douche bag. there can be only one. after jody decapitated paul, he was struck by lightning and declared the ultimate douchelander. a. someone speaking in the native tongue of douche. b. someone -ssociated with lander & lander & douche. c. someone fitting the description of male being used a hygienic tool or just […]

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