a word to say when you do not know what to say.

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  • pemmet

    my cat wow emily’s pemmet is so cute

  • shalldo

    (pr-nounced, shall-do) typical straya’ slang (very common) 1. greeting to your mate/shazza 2. general response (yes/sure/maybe/will do) 3. handy-man (diy, practical, can-do person) 4. when promising to do something 1. shalldo cheyenne!! 2. chayenne: do you reckon this goonbag’s big enough??? you: shalldo! 3. good on ya cheyenne! you married a real shalldo bloke! 4. […]

  • ladin

    there aren’t any definitions for ladin yet. can you define it?

  • spaghetti felcher

    (origin) italian american male so gay he’d eat spaghetti from ben affleck’s -ss (modern) consuming colon macaroni i don’t care how much he can bench, look at his eyebrows… he’s a f-ckin’ spaghetti felcher, i’m telling you

  • jakir

    jakir is known to be a s-xy tramp. he pulls all the girls, e.g. mexican,italian, white and asian. he’s peng but he’s shyer than a snail. he flirts with any girl he can with but his favourite is the ones from italy and spain. he’s got the best personality but he looks kinda looks stoned. […]

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