dot flog

where you stand in front of a mirror and m-st-rb-t- while getting turned on by your -n-s
i’m going to go home and dot flog like pdog teached me!!!!

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  • dulabi

    wide-bodied, big ol sh-ts “oh wow that’s a nice dulabi😏”

  • beyock

    shetland isles word for the meaning to gag or spew in projectile manor not to be confused with the word boke which is scottish for i’m saying beyock wrong… the smell of fish make me want beyock i just beyocked everywhere

  • munke

    verb. to munke or not to munke slang for s-x and/or f-cking violently. can also be shortened to ‘munk’. (“munk me” meaning “f-ck me”). i went over to insert name of hot chick/guy last night. i munked him/her real good/hard/violently/ferociously/svagely/mildly. me and my boyfriend/girl. -whisper- “munk me” in your so’s ear

  • rockaterian

    it is when a person or animal chooses to eat rocks and nothing else yo he is a rockaterian

  • hollow sh*ll airhead

    the metaphor describing the empty vessel of a stupid person. that guy is a hollow sh-ll airhead. derived from the following definitions… hollow: an empty sp-ce inside of something. sh-ll: in impersonal att-tude or manner which conceals the presence or absence of something contained within. airhead: a mindless or stupid person.

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