double nickle

a production (typically movie) with sub-standard content then worsened exponentially by the inclusion of low-quality actors or musical tracks. originates from the notion that the worst movie possible would both star nicolas cage and feature a soundtrack entirely by nickleback. hence the “double-nickle” origin.
although attaining a cult following, the room has remained one of the greatest double-nickle productions of our time.
misspelling of double nickel. can refer to interstate highway 55 or to a 55-mph speed limit.
“thank god they raised the speed limit on the byp-ss from 55 to 65; that double nickle limit was making folks take the long way around.”

“ah, ten-four, pig pen, what’s your twenty? australia? mercy sakes, ain’t nothin’ down there but tasmanian devils and them q-alla bears. what’s that? no double-nickel limit? we gonna be there in a short, pig pen.”
-c.w. mccall, “round the world with the rubber duck”
chicago area nickname for an interstate on the city’s south side (i-55). the term is derived from the double 5’s in the name. it originated as trucker slang and is sometimes used by others.
the double nickle is so full of potholes i nearly wrecked my car.

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