abner, 1819–93, u.s. army officer; sometimes credited with inventing the modern game of baseball.
contemporary examples

excerpted by permission of doubleday, a division of random house, inc.
malice in the palace: prince george’s treacherous new digs tina brown july 26, 2013

his new book, bob dylan in america, from which portions of this article are drawn, will be published by doubleday in september.
is bob dylan a phony? sean wilentz april 29, 2010

a contributing editor at the new republic, his new book, bob dylan in america, will be published in september by doubleday.
the darker meanings in a bob dylan masterpiece sean wilentz september 4, 2010

he is the author of jewish pirates of the caribbean (doubleday).
jewish pirates of the caribbean edward kritzler december 20, 2008

garden city, new york: doubleday co., inc., 1964 stigers, harold g.
the backstory of ‘noah’ is full of giants, h-rny angels, and a grieving g-d tim townsend march 27, 2014

historical examples

doubleday, who was going to boston, left orders with the agent to draw the lease and take it up to the new tenant for signature.
mark twain, a biography, 1835-1910, complete albert bigelow paine

doubleday and gibbon suffered fearfully, and ewell and taliaferro suffered.
the long roll mary johnston

doubleday, long-headed and crafty, listened to all that was said.
laramie holds the range frank h. spearman

on his left stood tom stone, foreman of the doubleday ranch.
laramie holds the range frank h. spearman

doubleday was waiting outside when blackburn left the chair.
held for orders frank h. spearman

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